Educators Recommend Five Mathical Titles: First Opinions, Second Reactions 

Math teachers, math educators, and other experts in children’s literature take on five Mathical titles for young readers in the May 2019 issue of the open-access online journal First Opinions, Second Reactions (FOSR). A publication of the Purdue University College of Education, FOSR actively seeks the opinions of experts in children’s literature who teach at the college level, work in educational institutions, and are writers themselves for “first opinions” on new books. These reviews, in turn, are enriched by “reactions” from others who are engaged in teaching and learning activities and have used the resource in a real setting.
These paired responses outline strategies for using these books in the classroom, offering short, accessible opinion pieces and experiences of having read the books aloud with children both in the classroom and at home. In some cases, Common Core alignments are noted; often, activities are suggested for drawing out the mathematics and/or bridging with other subjects in the curriculum.
Dr. Amber Candela (University of Missouri, St. Louis) writes in “Finding the Joy in Mathematics Through Children’s Literature“, the introductory essay for the issue: “These books represent the wonder, power, and usefulness of mathematics and support students in seeing mathematics as ever-present and relevant to their lives.”
You can find the FOSR articles on each book linked below, along with the Mathical Books resource page for each title. (Disclaimer: the Mathical Book Prize is not affiliated with FOSR. The opinions expressed in this publication are those of the authors.)
Baby Goes to Market, by Atinuke
2018 Mathical winner in the PreK category
Sheep Won’t Sleep: Counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s, by Judy Cox
2018 Mathical winner in the Grades K-2 category
A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars, by Seth Fishman
2018 Mathical winner in the Grades 3-5 category
Which One Doesn’t Belong? A Shapes Book, by Christopher Danielson
2017 Mathical winner in the Grades 3-5 category
Absolutely One Thing, by Lauren Child
2017 Mathical winner in the Grades K-2 category

First Opinions, Second Reactions is a publication of the Purdue University College of Education. It is an open access online journal.