Uma Wimple Charts Her House

By Reif Larsen and Ben Gibson
Year Published: 2021

Random House Children's Books

Uma Wimple Charts Her HouseUma’s been making charts since she was a little kid. But when her teacher gives the class Uma’s dream assignment–to make a chart of their own homes–she is thrown for a loop. Oh, the possibilities! Oh, the pressure! What makes a house housey? she wonders. In order to figure it out, she asks each member of her family–Mom, Dad, and brothers Rex, Bram, and Lukey. But it’s not until she has a meltdown and Lukey comforts her that Uma figures out the secret to her chart–and her family. It’s the love that is shared inside a house’s walls.

Told in first-person and featuring engaging graphic artwork, this fun and lively picture book–perfect for classroom use–is a reminder that someone’s true home is not a place, but rather the people with whom you surround yourself.

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