Event Video: 2022 Mathical Book Prize Announcement & Author Readings

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The Mathical Book Prize is awarded to literary fiction and nonfiction titles written for youth ages 2-18. The aim of the prize is to inspire a love of math in the world around us. On February 10, 2022, Mathical book lovers gathered for this year’s awards announcement online, where all five authors of our 2022 Mathical Book Prize winning titles read from their lively new works of kids’ literature. Attendees also heard from members of the 2022 Mathical Book Prize selection committee, with a special peek at the National Math Festival NMF@NCSciFest events coming on April 23, 2022. View the video below, and see all 2022 Mathical award winners in our press release!

Due to copyrighted content, the recording of this event is available until May 31, 2022.

Event Program

To view specific content, jump to the following timestamps in the video.

  • Introductions by Kirsten Bohl, Mathical Book Prize (02:50)
  • Remarks from NCTE’s Sarah Miller (04:11)
  • Sponsors & Partners with MSRI’s David Eisenbud (06:02)
  • Remarks from NCTM’s Trena Wilkerson (09:43)
  • Recognition of partner organizations & committee (12:16)
  • 2022 Pre-K Honor Books (18:07)
  • 2022 K-2 Honor Book (19:34)
  • 2022 Grades 3-5 Honor Books (19:59)
  • 2022 Grades 6-8 Honor Books (21:37)
  • 2022 Grades 9-12 Honor Book (22:33)
  • 2022 Hall of Fame Titles (22:47)
  • Pre-K Winner with Jeanine Brownell (23:31)
  • Author Nelleke Verhoeff, 1 Smile, 10 Toes (24:33)
  • Activity Pairing: Mix-and-Match Creatures (27:52)
  • Grades K-2 Winner with John Urschel (29:30)
  • Authors Reif Larsen and Ben Gibson, Uma Wimple Charts Her House (30:52)
  • Grades 3-5 Winner with Sondra Eklund (34:37)
  • Author Megan Reid, Maryam’s Magic: The Story Of Mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani (36:06)
  • Grades 6-8 Winner with Mike Shaughnessy (38:21)
  • Author Emily Barth Isler, AfterMath (40:28)
  • Recognition of Authors & Committee (45:08)
  • Mathical Resources: DREME Reading Guides (46:10)
  • Mathical Flyers & Press Kit (46:41)
  • Sneak Peek: National Math Festival Live Online Events (47:52)
  • Thank You: Mathical Partners & Sponsors (50:08)

Thank you to the publisher representatives as well Mathical award winning authors and illustrators who joined us in the audience, including Christopher Swiedler (In the Red), James Buckley, Jr. (It’s a Numbers Game! Baseball), Jackie McCann (If the World Were 100 People), Carter Higgins (Circle Under Berry), Jen Area (Marta! Big and Small), and Aleksandra Artymowska (Molly and the Mathematical Mysteries, written by Eugenia Cheng).